Rinor Kastrati is an exception. Just 17 years old, he brings musical expertise with him that makes him appear like a big one in the business. Since his fifth year of life, the cosmos of the Stuttgarter revolves around the music.
Time that the general public also learns from its love of producing, making music, songwriting and DJing. On September 23, 2016, his debut single “Dark Night” will be released. she should
Symbolize what his environment already knows: finally, out of the sound studios and probers, up on the stages of this world.
“Dark Night” begins with shallow piano sounds, then quickly evolves into an absolutely danceable deep house number. The powerfully sung Hook underscores the hit potential of the song and lets the arms and legs swirl even after a few seconds.
Not to deny that also Tropical House influences on “Dark Night” show their effect. The reggaeige sounds in the hook allow only a gentle comparison, but still wait pleasantly. On his first single, the music producer, with African and Albanian roots, shows his instinct for driving beat productions, contemporary songwriting and earworm-suspicious hooks. Just everything it takes to produce an unforgettable dancefloor hit.