Musically things have been a bit quiet for almost two years around the singer Dafina. She finished school and at the same time she had the growing desire to rock the stages of the world. Said and done: New material is now ready. The exceptionally talented artist is currently off to a flying start with her new single “Shot Calling” and no doubt Dafina can be described as the racy version of the Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.
With her emotional ballad “Lampedusa”, the 18-year-old artist was already on stage for the Eurovision Song Contest preliminary decision in 2014 and captivated the audience with her smoky, sensitive and soulful voice. Her brand new single is far from calm – the tough vocal wonder pays a great tribute to the young pop-rap genre and shows how multifaceted and full of potential she is. So with a length of almost four minutes, “Shot Calling” is a powerful performance presenting not only totally convincing vocals but also strong, pulsating beats and a powerful flow.
In the expressive track, a self-confident Dafina, bursting with energy, gets even with her ex-boyfriend. In the video clip to the single she sends out a very clear message with her rough sex


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appeal and her impressive dance skills. The catchy song was produced by Dafina’s younger brother, the producer Rinor Kastrati. Musical talent obviously runs in the blood of the multicultural family.
“You that boy, you got what you wanted / I be on my own, baby, shot calling / While you broke baby I’ll be balling / I be on my grind shot calling.”
Dafina’s debut single “Shot Calling” is literally a punch, with its very own powerful sound screaming for dancefloor qualities and, although totally not mainstream, has everything to get stuck in your head like an earworm. And not least, with her new single, the young artist is ready for her triumphal career all over Europe. Dafina is ready for competition, she will fight her way up to the top of the charts.
“Shot Calling” is available from 05 August 2016 as digital sound carrier through the label Record17.


About Dafina

Balkan and African blood runs through her veins, so it is not surprising that Dafina Kastrati aka Dafina was passionate about music and rhythm already in young years. Thanks to her parents’ active support, at the age of three she was already dancing like a ballerina, had Hip-Hop and piano lessons.
She discovers her passion for singing only a few years later. She takes classical and popular singing and voice lessons at the State Opera and the Live act Akademie in Stuttgart as well as with the internationally known performer, producer and songwriter Jimmi Love. Dafina then gains her first stage experience by taking part in musicals like “Mary Poppins” and “Lion King”.
At the age of nine she held in her hands her first CD “I want to live”, recorded in duet with the famous Albanian singer Sabri Fejzullahu. She can then further demonstrate her stage performance in


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live acts with the singer in Kosovo and actively improve it with regular appearances in different dance groups.
Since 2014, Dafina sings in the Stuttgart gospel choir “Harlem Praise Family” and also performed during Cro’s Flash Mob for his song “Traum” as part of the ensemble. Two years later, the 16-year-old is finally on stage with her own ballad “Lampedusa” for the Eurovision Song Contest preliminary decision in 2014.
In the meantime, the exceptional talent and character singer has left behind her the calm and soulful times and found her strength in Hip Hop and R’n’B. So now Dafina is working on her first EP and her soon to be released single “Shot Calling” is a first energetic foretaste of it.
Single: Shot Calling
Release date: 05 August 2016
Sound carrier: Digital
Genre: Hip Hop, R’n’B
Label: Record17