She has succeeded, many of which can only dream of: With her debut single “Shot Calling”, which was released in August, Ausnahmetalent Dafina has been attracting attention for months, all over Europe. So her single from the rotations of the in-store TV program from McDonald’s hardly imaginable and even in the most diverse chart-turns, the racy beauty with Powerstimme catastrophically straight away.

It is the third place in the MTV Swiss video charts, the entry into the top 10 Swiss DJ charts and the top 30 of the English club charts: Dafina is on her way to fulfilling the dream of living as a successful musician. Obendrein also speak of the self-created viral success of their YouTube clip with over half a million views as well as rotations on MTV and VIVA for themselves. Respecting Dafina from many sides, so much is certain.

The success recipe of ambition and unruliness is due to the fact that the just 19-year-old has already finished with her second single “Bottles Up feat. Rinor “in the starting holes – together with her brother Rinor Kastrati. He has been able to prove his ability as a producer for Dafina’s single “Shot Calling” and has made a name for himself as a DJ with his danceable club number “Dark Night”.

What the sneaky duo has now created with their brandnew single “Bottles Up” is a modern R’n’B-ballad to the past love, which with catchy Trap-



Influences and pitched vocals. And this time, Dafina also convinces vocally on the whole line: So she returns to the somewhat quieter fields after her four-minute power pack “Shot Calling”, lets her smoky, soulful soul voice play and shows that this facet is also tailored to her body. As a fitting counterpart, Rinor provides the necessary and perfectly dosed coolness with his catchy rap skills.

“Dafinas Single” Bottles Up feat. Rinor “will be available from the 4th of November 2016 as digital recordings via the Record17 label.


The blood of the Balkans and Africa flows in their veins and it seems hardly surprising that Dafina Kastrati aka Dafina lost her heart of music and rhythm at a young age. Thanks to the energetic support of her parents she danced as a ballerina at the tender age of three years, taking lessons in hip-hop and piano.

Only a few years later her passion for singing was also sparked. She takes singing and vocal lessons in the classical and popular area at the State Opera and Liveact Academy in Stuttgart as well as at the internationally renowned performer, producer and songwriter Jimmi Love. Dafina’s first stage experience is finally collected by participating in musicals such as “Marry Poppins” and “King of the Lions”.

At the age of nine she already holds her first CD “I want to live”, which she sings with the well-known Albanian singer Sabri Fejzullahu. She can continue to demonstrate her stage performance through live performances with the singer in Kosovo and actively expand her through regular visits to various dance groups.

Since 2014, Dafina has been singing “The Harlems Praise Family” in the Gospelchor in Stuttgart, where he has appeared as a part of the ensemble, among others, at the Flash Mob of Cro for his song “Traum”. Two years later the 16-year-old is finally on the stage with her own ballad “Lampedusa” for the preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

In the meantime, the exceptional musician has left the quiet soulful times behind her and found her strength in Hip-Hop and R’n’B. She has impressively demonstrated this with her debut single “Shot Calling”, which has caused a sensation on the European continent since release in August 2016. How excellent this sounds, Dafina recently demonstrated with her energetic debut single “Shot Calling”. Now she stands with the successor “Bottles Up feat. Rinor “in the starting holes – a single that she recorded together with her brother Rinor Kastrati.

Single: Bottles Up feat. Rinor
Release date: 04.11.2016
Soundtrack: Digital
Genre: Hip Hop, R’n’B
Label: Record17