Now a DJ and music producer, at the age of five Rinor Kastrati lost his heart to music. So it’s not surprising that the 17-year-old can already look back at a long history of creating music. His love for music started when he was just a little boy with a huge talent. Thanks to early piano lessons, he stepped onto the stage at the tender age of six for the first time to delight his audience. For the succeeding years, numerous performances and educations in classical and popular music followed.
At the age of ten years, Rinor started studying at the Drummer’s Focus School with the renowned drummer Andy Witte. A year later, he began educating himself in music production. With simple programs on his computer, his musical knowledge and talent, he created his first own pieces. He dove into the wide range of genres and created countless music productions. His passion finally fell onto Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and Tropical House. Ultimately, it wasn’t far-fetched that he desired to train in DJing. Said and done! Collaborating with the multi-award-winning DJ and producer Marten Horger and DJ & producer Thies Janknecht, Rinor could broaden his knowledge in this area and make important contacts.
His musical diversity was finally proven in the cooperation with his sister Dafina. The vocal prodigy is already now a little superstar in the Albanian homeland of her father. This success is, amongst others, due to her brother. After all, he produced her recent hit „Shot Calling“. The song has already entered the Top 10 of Swiss DJ Charts and reached rotation on the music channels MTV (position 3 of Swiss Video Charts) and VIVA. Together, the promising siblings are currently working on Dafina’s first EP.
But for now, Rinor wants to get started with his completely own work. His debut single „Dark Night“, to be released on September 23, 2016, the young producer will step out of the shadows of the recording studio. He even founded his own label „Record17“. There are many plans for the future: Next to his work as a producer he wants to operate behind the cameras, which is why he took matters into his own hands, directing the videoshoot for his new single. After all, the young „Stuttgarter“ is not only musically, but artistically highly talented. Ergo, his actual motto is:
The sky’s the limit.